Liverpool Craft Beer Expo

  By Kate (@kate_blaszczyk) Over the last few years, a day out at the annual Liverpool Craft Beer Expo at Constellations has become somewhat of a family tradition. Falling on Father’s Day weekend, it facilitates perfect gift-buying for me, and means that my Dad actually ends up with something that he really enjoys (because sometimes,… Continue reading Liverpool Craft Beer Expo

Beer Trips

Five Go To Beavertown (and Bermondsey!)

By Kate ( @kate_blaszczyk )   I think I can speak on behalf of all five of us when I say that Beavertown is one of our collective favourite breweries – Soo will often recount happy memories of drinking Smog Rocket in an abbey in Yorkshire while watching Harry Potter on a big screen, Adam… Continue reading Five Go To Beavertown (and Bermondsey!)

Beer Trips

Veganuary Celebration: Grub Mcr, Cloudwater, Pilcrow and Bundobust

Grub ExtraVEGANza on Saturday was our only ‘planned’ day out this month. With the Sheffield trip planned next month, a couple of us going down to ‘Five go to Beavertown’ the week before and Hop City on the horizon we had all been holding out and was therefore super excited for the weekend. Of course, not… Continue reading Veganuary Celebration: Grub Mcr, Cloudwater, Pilcrow and Bundobust