Beer More Social: Friends and Family

Written by Soo

To tie in with a certain Beer Festival happening in our home town this week we wanted to offer some further good vibes and our own interpretation of the Friends and Family idea. When we spoke about the piece, I said it wasn’t going to be dead cheesy but I think that was a fib.

We started ‘Beer More Social’ as a way to try and engage with the wider beer community and see what was going on. Initially we all knew each other through other means (mainly from going to gigs and mutual pals) and after realising we all loved good beer we became closer. This has now grown into something really special, and it is so lovely to see so many friendly faces down the pub.

Fast forward to now and we have had the privilege of hanging out, drinking beers, brewing, working and putting on events with some incredible people. People we are delighted to call our friends.

The day Kate and I went to join the Ladies that Beer in Huddersfield in December 2016. Out of our comfort zone, we arrived at the Huddersfield tap to a warm welcome from some excellent women meant we settled in immediately and were made to feel a part of it. Incidentally, on our next stop that day we first met our fellow BMS pal V! Several meet ups later including brew days, brew taps, big birthdays and socials we’d like to think we are part of the Ladies that beer family.

Tryanuary was our first real big challenge. Taking on both Manchester and Staffordshire in 2018, we tried to fit a lot in during a month where you really have to tempt people to leave the comfort of their own homes. We started arranging a lot between us, however, to my detriment I never delegate and I came crashing down quite early on. My friends picked me up, and as a group we arranged a pretty ace month of beer.

Manchester Beer Week has also had a massive hand in how we have established so many amazing relationships . If 2017 was great, 2018 was the absolute best, a true showcase of just how great the Manchester beer scene can be. The events were obviously good, it was well organised and there was plenty to do but what made it more special, was that we were able to hang out with not only our pals, but the people coming into town for it, founding more new friendships and meeting some truly inspirational people.

To the Manchester breweries & venues, thank you.  You offer us a home to be ridiculous in on a regular basis offering some of the best beer available in the UK. Without these spaces it would make beering more social pretty tricky.

A side note here- whilst it has been an absolute cheese-fest so far, I’m sure like most, we are sick of the negativity and toxicity on Social Media. Done properly, healthy debate and even calling out is important, but let’s not be malicious. Witnessing social media attacks against bar staff, the shit that gets posted under most things Melissa Cole says or the rudeness and bullying on some online forums has got no place in beer (in my opinion).

Launched at Manchester Beer Week 2018

Finally for those we haven’t told, Sean and I are about to start our own MAJOR project opening in a few months’ time! Without the well-wishers, offers of support, friends and family that would remain a pipe dream (and I certainly would have thrown in the towel by now!). We will be eternally grateful to Station Hop and Reasons to be Cheerful who have shown us the ropes, and trusted us with their businesses and are now our friends.

We’re not going to do a ‘shout out to our pals’ as you know who you are, but even as circumstances change we are looking forward to carrying on with Beer More Social in every way we can and would love to see you soon, friend.

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