IMBC 2019- Thank you


Another Indy Man down & we had all the tell tale signs- the lost voices, the achy faces from laughing lots and the massive regrets for not booking Monday off. A BRIEF rundown for IMBC 2019 as there are much better write ups out there & this is more of a little shout out!

Beer wise we particularly enjoyed a lot of Burning Sky, THAT Black Lager from Creature Comforts, the daft peanut butter and jelly lad from the guys at Other Half, 2018 Maiden from Siren on cask, the entire Verdant range (with their beautifully decorated verdant room!) and the NZ DIPA from Cloudwater was a beaut but this is in no way an extensive list, and it would likely morph & change as we remembered different beers. It’s not all about the beer a lot of the time & it’s the chats, the meet ups, the waves across a pool and the sips of pals beers that you loved, but have just run out.

Look at that daftlad Donald Zoko

We ate very well, with our usual favourite Paneer fries from Vaso kitchen, as well as outstanding eats from Firebird Hope, Holy Crab, Dim Sum Su & Doner Summer. V baked us some beer cakes which were fantastic as per usual, bringing a few folks together and Linda sent Kev with some shortbread in her absence. This and a hearty breakfast really kept us going!

Fierce spirit tasting 👌

It’s always a little something else with Indyman. It helps that it’s Manchester so we are in the city we founded in and have been able to volunteer or are well acquainted with some of the local community that come along! Bringing together a fantastic bunch of people, almost everyone pretty chipper and although it felt busier at times this year, the atmosphere was as great as ever. Another space opened up in the Omnipollo room which was a great concept but also ace to see even more of the amazing venue in the Victoria baths. We took some terrible photos in the booth & lost each other constantly, nothing new there.

We wouldnt usually write a de-brief after every beer festival we go to (lets be honest- we aren’t known for our extensive blog content) but this year was pretty special for myself and Sean especially. GUYS, thank you. The overwhelming support, pats on backs, hugs and smiles really just helped us remember why it was we decided to try and start this small independent business in the first place. HUGE LOVE to you all and we cannot wait to share a beer in our space soon!

The gangs all here 💛

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