Beermoresocial came from one beer fuelled evening of fun on the Ulverston coast. A few different groups of friends thrown together at a New Years Eve do – and there were a few exciting (and some not so exciting) beers around. Mashed together with mulled wine, a trip to the beach led to lots of fun and revelry that evening, but also founded some new friendships and ideas. We all loved beer!

2 years on and we make an effort to meet at least once every month as a group, and try to get down to support as many beer events, local breweries and taps as we can. Now all based in Manchester (where we are obviously spoiled for all things craft beer!), 13083365_10154045735181425_6973978580878781022_nwe also have ties to Stoke, Liverpool, Leeds and love to get out and about.

We are always looking for more beery friends, recommendations and socials! Drop us a line, say hello when you see us about and follow us on twitter @beermoresocial for our latest adventures!


Soo, Sarah, Kate, Adam & Sean