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A Night Out In...

A Night Out In…North Stafforshire

by Kate (@kate_blaszczyk) (With thanks to Dave from @YesAleBlog for letting me use some of his photographs). Having being born and raised in Stoke on Trent, it was a pleasure to become the #Tryanuary Champion for Staffordshire for the 2018 campaign. Now living just outside Manchester, I’m spoiled when it comes to craft beer establishments,… Continue reading A Night Out In…North Stafforshire

Beer Festivals


A hop led beer festival was always going to be something that would peak our interest at BeerMoreSocial, but we never imagined we would get to try what we did! Volunteering became part of our Hop City weekend plans when we realised Friday was a bank holiday and after hearing about their great intentions of… Continue reading LEEDS HOP CITY!